About Relearning Wellness

Hello everybody and welcome to Relearning Wellness! Wellness has been an obsession of mine dating back to middle school, many years ago. I’ve had some trials and tribulations over the years. Most of these made health research a necessity, as I do not want to revert to medications if I don’t have to. 

Being a very curious person, my entire life, I’ve always asked, “why?” The question annoyed my parents very much, but helped me as an adult more than I can explain.

I believe we can trust others, research, experts, etc., but asking “why?” is totally okay. Often times, asking “why?” will save your life.


As a teenager, I was out-of-shape, uncoordinated and lazy. I mean LAZY! I would sleep in until a few minutes before school started, throw clothes on, then run to school. Needless to say, I got in trouble a lot. I did not like how I felt, I wanted to make changes.

I saw people doing jumping jacks in gym class. I didn’t mind jumping jacks and thought they did not take up much space. They were simple to do. There was my simple answer, jumping jacks. I vowed to do jumping jacks to get in-shape.

I proceeded to do around 100 jumping jacks, every morning. I did this for weeks. I started to feel so much better. I was able to get to school faster, I had less body fat and my energy was sustained longer throughout the day.

Jumping jacks got too easy. I was a teenage boy, so I wanted to be stronger/tougher. I started to add push-ups. I did them right after my jumping jacks.

Fast-forward to a month or so later, my friend pointed out that I was “big.” He wanted me to play football with him. I was taken back by the request because I had never shown interest in that prior to that day. Later in the day, the football coach came over to me and said “Did you ever consider playing football? We need big guys like you on the team.” My exact words, “ahhhh.” I was too busy with school and didn’t know what to say.  Ultimitely, for some reason, I agreed and joined the team. Thinking more about why, I was largely influenced because it was physically demanding and I thought that was what wellness was all about!

Based on this very small portion of my life, you can see I was obsessed with wellness, jumped right into it, and did a lot of relearning along the way.


Helping people is my passion. I love to do it, will continue to do it, and will always help people.

I’m humbled when complimented, or asked for health advice. After various people urging me to create a website so I can do so in a larger scale, I finally took their advice. I thought, well how would I feel if I know something will help someone, I give them advice, but they refuse to try it. So here I am, and I thank all that encouraged me!


I’ve created this website to make content geared to the most up-to-date ways to achieve overall wellness. Some old methods work, some don’t. I want to help others learn now, and not the hard way. Especially not at the doctor’s office!

With various categories, my goal is to assist with clarifying the best methods for health, while also making it simple to understand.

Finally, I want to ensure my audience has enough material to make their on conclusions, and/or be able to implement a healthy lifestyle right away. If I can do this for just one person, it is worth all this time creating and updating Relearning Wellness!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Brian Bitner